Peekaboo client wins free radio advertising campaign

Entering our clients into awards is something we do A LOT. And every award our clients win makes us very happy and do little victory dances in the office, because we know the value that they bring. Some clients win product awards which help drive sales. Others win business awards which add to their corporate credibility. While others win personal awards, which gives them the motivation to keep on going. Sometimes the award includes a prize, sometimes it’s just the kudos.

But every now and then something a little special comes along. A little while back we entered our client Third Door into the Lloyds TSB competition running on Heart FM. You might have heard it advertised on your local Heart station.  Lloyds wanted to show that it supported local businesses and was offering a prize of three weeks worth of free advertising on the local Heart FM station.

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that Third Door won the competition covering the London region. And their free radio campaign kicks off today!!!  What more could a start up business want to boost its profile?  Heart has a huge parent listenership, so for Third Door – a workspace with on-site nursery designed to help parents work flexibly – the medium couldn’t be better. What an amazing prize. This is one award that goes well beyond a logo, kudos and credibility. It’s designed to boost sales. Hoorah!

If you’re a Londoner, turn on Heart FM and you might just hear it. Or you can download the file below to hear their radio ad. Congrats to the Third Door team!

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