There But for the Grace of God….

Today it was sadly reported that 7 year old Conley Thomson from Barnsley was found dead less than half a mile from his home.

Swiftly followed by a plethora of Facebook comments that said: Such sad news…could have been avoided!” I wouldn’t let my child out of my sight at that age”; even “Is it just me or is anyone else wondering why a 7 yr old was more than 2 miles away from home unsupervised playing at a park at night with his mates!”

What they are actually saying is: “What shit parents”…..”That will not happen to my child because I’ll never let them out of my sight!”

Who are THEY to judge?

What gives them the right to pass judgement before they know the facts?

And so what? Get off your moral high horse. This family MADE A MISTAKE and they have paid the highest price.

As did Maddie McCann’s parents…as did a hundred other parents who lost their beautiful babies ..they would ALL have done it differently!

We are the lucky ones. We still have our babies. Extra kisses, tighter hugs and extra thankful for our blessings!

In the world of social media – everything is fair game and open to comment!  But unlike the days of yesterday no longer will comments be tomorrow’s chip paper, consigned to the dustiest of recessesses of our memories, rather they are there to be revisited forever…

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