Online PR

The media world is changing. Mums in particular seldom get time to read a magazine, much less a newspaper, while TV viewing is all about Cbeebies.

Ever tried to convince a two year old that you want to watch the news rather than Postman Pat? Exactly. Which is why mums turn to the internet. From recommendations, to advice, product reviews to friendship, the web is where you’ll find mums. We can help you reach them there:

Peekaboo’s work has been fundamental to developing the profile and image of Tots to Travel, so much so that we have made PR the prime tool in our marketing strategy.Wendy Shand
Founder, Tots to Travel

  • Blogging – how to do it
  • Ghost blogging for your blog
  • Integrating blogging into your marketing campaigns
  • Working with parent bloggers so that they write about you

  • Social media – we tweet, we Facebook, we love a Pinterest board.
  • We understand the power of a viral video! We’re out there. We can help you get out there too
  • Parenting websites – we know our Netmums from our Mumsnet. Do you? We can help get you out there – on the talk forums, review boards, competition pages or leading the agenda