quoteMichelle has been instrumental in the growth of OSET Bikes. She has the ability to see the big picture and float ideas that can, and have, made a big difference to the positioning of the company, its name recognition, and in the end, the bottom line. Working with freelancers can be difficult, but Michelle has integrated perfectly, and is part of the ‘team’. A great resource, and highly recommended.
Ian Smith, CEO and Founder, OSET Bikes
quoteI’ve had a positive response from the newsletter with two new drop-ship retailers who are due to go live with the products at the end of the month. I wanted to thank you for a very successful PR campaign to date – best decision of my business venture so far!
Maxine Lewis, Founder, Gander Kids
quoteMorrck has worked with Peekaboo now for several years. I have been particularly impressed with the creativity and enthusiasm generated by the team around projects on the PR plan. Equally important though is a big dose of common sense when sometimes ideas get a bit out of hand! It is a complete service, the partnership starts with a thorough understanding of your business, goals and budget. It continues with an activity plan which is evaluated at regular intervals and re-shaped depending on the comparative success of activities. Peekaboo quickly became and remain a vital part of our extended team and we have definitely noticed an increase in sales due to our PR activity. The best thing though is that you are working with a team who understand your business, are as passionate as you are about its success, who really understand the industry and are lovely people who are professional, fun and easy to work with.
Isobel Thompson, Founder, Morrck
quoteI wanted to say that Yusuf and I are really glad we got you on board when we did. We were very impressed yesterday with all your thoughts and direction. Exactly what we both need. Also fab to see how passionate you feel about the brand too.
Shazia Mustafa, Founder, Third Door
quoteYou have been amazing throughout this project Michelle, the amount of effort you and Ian put in for us really was new to me, I’ve never been given so much help and assistance! So am sincerely very thankful.
Harold Strachan, Blue Peter producer
quoteMichelle and her team have gone beyond the brief to help Memories of Growing Up grow. Nothing is too much for her and she has used her initiative to promote my brand across many different mediums.
Camilla Warren, Founder, Memories of Growing Up
quotePeekaboo has changed the way we think about PR and social networking. I only wish that we had started working with them years ago!
Ian Gerecht, Managing Director, Emma-Jane Maternity
quoteMichelle has the industry knowledge and experience to help develop new businesses. She knows how to get your brand out there through a variety of different channels. She’s full of enthusiasm and a pleasure to work with; more importantly, she gets results.
Mona Tannous, Founder, urbanmummy.co.uk
quoteMichelle brings a positive attitude, energy, life and enthusiasm. As a PR professional she knows what to do and how to do it, especially when it comes to picking up a phone and talking to the press.
Geoff Bilbrough, Head of PR, Met
quotePositive. Professional. Pithy. Hard working. Caring. Inspirational. Michelle’s attitude to work is first class. Michelle is one of the most impressive people I have worked with.
Peter Davenport, CEO, Acceleris Marketing Communications
quotePeekaboo’s work has been fundamental to developing the profile and image of Tots to Travel, so much so that we have made PR the prime tool in our marketing strategy. As a small, yet rapidly growing business, we needed somebody who thoroughly understood our offering and was able to hit the ground running in terms of getting the message out there. With Peekaboo, we have won several awards, been featured in numerous broadsheets, tabloids and glossy mags, been on TV and radio, improved our web presence and much more.
Wendy Shand, Founder, Tots to Travel
quoteMichelle is an adept, quick thinking PR professional who is able to think strategically, deliver creatively and implement effectively. She’s fun to work with and has always delivered great results for clients.
Sue Flynn, PR Director, The Whole Caboodle