Peekaboo is an award-winning communications and marketing consultancy specialising in the parenting sector. Whether it’s pregnancy, babies, toddlers, pre-schoolers, children, tweens or parents, we’ve got it covered.
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We understand your market

Since 2006, we’ve worked with companies in the nursery industry – from start ups to big boys – getting them noticed in this crowded market and making a difference to their business.

We know what parents like, what they read, what concerns them and how to reach them. That’s because Peekaboo is run by mums – your target market!

Unlike many PR companies, we actually consume the media we talk to. We’re active members on parenting forums. We’re mummy bloggers. We tweet. And we chat to mums at the school gate, nursery drop off and coffee mornings. We don’t just talk parenting. We live it. Read more about us…

“Michelle brings a positive attitude, energy, life and enthusiasm. As a PR professional she knows what to do and how to do it, especially when it comes to picking up a phone to the press.”

Geoff Bilbrough
Head of PR at Metia

What we do

Copy creation

Want to speak directly to your customers? Use some punchy copy to grab their attention and get them springing into action.
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Online PR

The media world is changing. Mums in particular seldom get time to read a magazine, much less a newspaper, while TV viewing is all about Cbeebies.
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Media relations

Want to see your company’s name in the headlines? A few lines of press ink can do wonders for your business. we can help you get noticed by the media.
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“Peekaboo has changed the way we think about PR and social networking. I only wish that we had started working with them years ago!”

Ian Gerecht, Managing Director at Emma-Jane

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