Our services

It’s our job to get your message out there.

We work with you to understand and define WHAT you want to say. WHO you want to say it to. WHERE you want that message to be. WHEN it’s best to communicate and WHY anyone should listen.

Positive. Professional. Pithy. Hard working. Caring. Inspirational. Michelle’s attitude to work is first class. Peter Davenport, CEO Acceleris Marketing Communications

Once we’ve nailed on what we want to say, we then look at the best places to be seen and heard. That can be in your local media, parenting press, national press, TV, radio. It’s about making the most of social media like Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, Instagram and Pinterest.
We work with journalists, bloggers and influencers.

Whether it’s a hard working media outreach campaign, a bespoke programme of events, blogger reviews, a customer retention or growth programme we will think creatively, deliver solutions and will always provide opportunities, ideas and most importantly never take our eye off your bottom line – promising value for investment – always!

From Ant n Dec Saturday Night Takeaway to your local paper we leave no stone unturned. We are big fan of collaborative working to support the industry and help smaller companies come together to maximise their budgets to deliver ‘big company’ results.

Be sure to ask us about our CHRISTMAS SHOWCASE that attracts over 100 journalists! Oh… and the Peekaboo Awards… another initiative designed to support and help smaller businesses get the recognition they deserve!

And COMING SOON…. a delicious shopping list of ‘off the shelf’ products to help start-ups get up and running, including our Power List of Industry Journalists, Top Bloggers, A Hands On Guide to PR – Do It Yourself and Industry Awards -the Lowdown!