Top 5 PR Bullsh*t Words

Okay, so I read this week about a storm in a PR teacup when a leading firm used one of its employees as a ‘genuine’ case study to promote a treatment for sweatiness. The truth – PR firms use their staff all the time to support clients. Often it’s about the easy win, if a client doesn’t have a case study and the firm employs someone who fits the bill – win win (until you’re discovered). The problem is those i-words – Independence and Integrity! With the best will in the world and even a genuine outcome – it simply isn’t believed it’s ultimately discovered.

Here at Peekaboo, we use our social networks to support clients. The rule of thumb is open and honest communication – if there is anything underhand, hidden or you feel dubious – don’t do it!

With that said, I’ve drawn up a practical list of PR Bullsh*t words that if they’re included in a press release – will sound alarm bells in the ears of every journalist and will ultimately send them pinging towards the delete key!

  1. Unique – really? Is it? Unlikely? – Bullsh*t!
  2. Innovative – how, why?
  3. State-of-the-art – hmmm prove that
  4. Breakthrough – in the parenting industry? Find that hard to believe!
  5. Adjectives – keep them to a minimum – press releases are meant to be factual not a piece of marketing

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