Electric Storm

OSET bikes have taken the trials world by storm this year, thanks to the help of Peekaboo Communications.  The six rounds of the inaugural OSET Cup, along with a showcase at the World Championship round at Brimham Rocks, North Yorkshire, grew into an animal beyond any of our imaginations.

The demand has been sensational!  The OSET Cup has attracted riders from all over the UK, including Wales, Brighton, Hampshire and Kent.  And, as we look back over our first year, we’re delighted to have developed the blueprint for an event series we hope to take global!

For the uninitiated, a rider negotiates a series of obstacles without putting their foot on their floor.  Six, taped out sections are attempted three times by each rider with marks ‘dropped’ for each foot down. The aim is to get to the end of the trial with as few marks as possible.

Without a single mechanical breakdown over the course of the championship and an abundance of enthusiasm from the supporters, parents and riders, the youngsters skill levels have gone from strength to strength.

By the time we reached our showcase event, world-champion rider James Dabill was on hand to award trophies and sign autographs for the fledgling riders.

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