Calling all start ups! What PR tools do you need?

Peekaboo client Third Door ran a competition prior to launch in which one person could win all the tools they needed to get their fledgling business up and running. One of those tools was a consultation call with Peekaboo on how they should market their business. The winner of the competition was the lovely Jessica St Clair who runs Green Families, a company that runs workshops and consultations for urban families who want to live greener lives.

I love doing calls like these – taking a new business that has loads of potential and helping to shape its future path. Brainstorming ideas for someone else’s business is a fantastically creative and liberating process. In fact, if you feel as though your brain is getting stale (regardless of what line of work you’re in), I urge you to put aside the Nintendo DS Brain Trainer and simply find a friend who needs to chat about how to improve their business.  It will help them and it will help you.

Peekaboo has worked with plenty of mums like Jessica, who are just starting out and who need need PR, marketing and business advice but who don’t have a big budget for it. As we’ve grown, so have our clients and their budgets.  But I was reminded yesterday of where we came from, which is why we are busy creating a new raft of DIY PR tools especially for start ups. So if you’re just starting out, post a comment below and let us know what PR, marketing or business tools/advice would be useful to you.

This is the lovely note I got from Jessica after our call yesterday. I’ll be watching her business with interest – and if anyone in London needs some help on how to live a greener family life, Jessica’s your gal!

I can’t thank you enough for our chat today. I really, really appreciate your help and support. Your advice and expertise really helped to clarify the communications and PR world for me – and helped me consider some important aspects of the business that I didn’t see before. And your summary below is also spot on where I am at right now. (Not only are you a Marketing/PR whiz, you are also a great business consultant.)   Many thanks! I owe you BIG time! And I can’t wait to get started on the self help guide!

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