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It’s slightly crazy to have a third (yes a THIRD) blog given how much I have to do anyway, but it’s high time I created a business blog.  I’ll be posting our news, client news and industry news here. Plus some random thoughts. Because sometimes you just need a place to get them down.

And although this is a business blog, I do hope that the mummy bloggers who follow my other blogs will join me here too. My clients will from time to time be running various competitions or campaigns for bloggers – including the opportunity to review products, attend days out  and help spread important campaign messages (there’s likely to be one coming up on how to not pee your pants – not why wouldn’t you want to write about that??)

So mummy bloggers, please do keep an eye on this space.

Some news just in:

Peekaboo has been appointed by FitBack & Bumps to launch the brand. The company is the first fitness classes in the UK for pregnancy and new mums to be run by chartered physiotherapists. The classes cover all the bits that most exercise or ante-natal classes skip over – like how to exercise safely during pregnancy, how to regain your flat tummy after having a baby (not sure I ever had one of those!) and how to find your pelvic floor so that you give it a work out.  And we all know why we need to do that.  And if you don’t then make sure you keep an eye out for news from FitBack & Bumps! Lots of exciting info on this coming soon.

Also wanted to share this great piece of coverage on Sky News website for two Peekaboo clients: Cuddledry and Tots to Travel. Today is Home Enterprise Day – the article looks at these two businesses that are managing to run global operations from their homes. Well done ladies!

So to all the home enterprises out there – particularly those run by mums while trying to juggle kids and housework and everything else – remember this: At least you don’t have to commute! Happy Home Enterprise Day!

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