Surveys – how to do some DIY research

Conducting a survey is a great way to get insight into your target customers, particularly when launching a new product. But they’re also great for generating news hooks that you can use with the media, on blogs or in customer newsletters. There are plenty of companies out there offering survey services – but most of them charge quite a hefty chunk of change, which for start ups can be problematic. So the alternative is to create a survey yourself using a tool like Survey Monkey . You won’t get the same sample size that you’d get with a big research firm, but you will have the freedom to ask whatever you like with it costing very little ($19.95).

If you’re thinking about running a survey like this, make sure you get as many people to take them as possible. Email everyone you know, use Twitter, Facebook, your blog, your customer database (if you have one) and forums. The bigger your sample size, the more represenative your results will be.

I have two clients who are running surveys at the moment – and I’d really appreciate as many people as possible taking two minutes to answer them for me. There are some lovely prizes up for grabs as a little bribe incentive.

The first is from a very tasty new company that will be launching in September. We’re trying to find out what kind of snacks parents give their kids and what goes into their lunchboxes. If you have primary school aged children, please take this short survey. You’ll be entered into a draw to win a £50 M&S gift voucher – just think of all the summer picnic food you can buy!

The second is for the Ultimate Baby Shower Company (TUBS) and rather unsurprisingly, takes a look at baby showers – how many Brits are actually throwing them? You can take it here. You’ll be entered into a draw to win one of the gorgeous, luxury baby gift hampers that TUBS sells – worth £250!

Thanks for helping us out!

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