Keeping Kids Safe and Healthy by Alison Cavog

Peekaboo Communications would like to thank Alison Cavog who has supplied our guest blog looking at keeping kids safe.  Alison has worked in the health industry since 1987 and lectures & trains on health issues, and is often to be found quoted in health magazines.  (If you like the article or need a health expert give us shout and we’ll pass on her details.) She writes…

We all want our kids to be safe and healthy but we don’t want to end up wrapping them in cotton wool either.    There are ways, however, of keeping them safe without taking on the role of sergeant major.

It’s a sad fact that children today don’t have the same freedom to spend time unsupervised outside the home as those from previous generations did.  It makes sense then to make children aware of the risks and hazards that they may come across but to do so in such a way so as not to scare them.  So, what are the best ways of keeping them out of harm’s way?

Road safety

As we are coming into the better weather and children are going to be spending more time outdoors walking, playing or on their bikes, we must ensure that they know the rules of road safety.  A cycle helmet can reduce the risk of head injury by 85 per cent and there is no harm in getting the children to go over what they know about road safety so that it is fresh in their minds.

Play safe

Explain the dangers of playing near water, railway lines or other hazardous locations to your children. These places often prove too tempting for children to play in so they must be made aware of what can happen when things go wrong.

More sports injuries happen in informal situations such as football games or because youngsters are not wearing the right protective gear to protect against knocks and bruises.  Let’s face it, not many children go through childhood without bumps or bruises of some kind or other so it’s a good idea to have a basic first aid kit with plasters, cotton wool, antiseptic wipes etc. to the ready, should such accidents occur.  A handy addition for the relief of minor bumps and bruising is arnica gel.

Stranger danger

Especially during the holidays, children are likely to spend more time outside the home or on the internet.  Help them to develop strategies for coping safely with potentially risky situations involving strangers.  Safeguards need to put in place to help ensure that your children will not be exposed to unsuitable content.

Sun safety

When the sun shines you need to ensure that your little ones don’t burn as their young skins are delicate and very easily damaged by the sun.  Even if your child takes a tan very easily, they should always be protected against the sun. Never underestimate the power of the sun’s rays.  It’s possible to get sunburnt even if the sun is not always visible. Apply a high factor suntan lotion at regular intervals remembering to reapply after they have been in the water.  Keep your child in the shade and dressed in baggy clothes.  If they get wet, change them into dry clothing as soon as possible as wet clothing gives less protection.

Water safety

If you have a pond or water feature in your garden, make sure it is covered over.  Water is a great attraction to young children but can be very dangerous.  Most young people drown when they are swimming and doing so in unsupervised lakes, rivers or in the sea.  If possible, introduce young children to water as early as possible by taking them along to your local swimming pool.  Swimming is an excellent form of all round exercise and one that can be enjoyed at any age so it’s well worth the time taken to teach them.

Safeguard health

Keeping kids germ free is nigh impossible, especially if they are coming into contact with lots of other children. When bugs are being generously shared around amongst friends, give them Echinacea to help strengthen their immune system. Make sure they get enough hours of sleep too to help keep their immune systems strong.


When it comes to diet, increase their intake of fresh fruit and vegetables which contain helpful antioxidants needed to help fight off bugs.  Add a natural vitamin C supplement if your offsprings seems a touch off-colour. Keep their intake of refined sugar to a minimum as it interferes with immune function. Give them dried fruit instead.

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