Juggling work and kids – could a solution be on the horizon?

It’s half term, which always makes working interesting. I find myself dashing up and down the stairs, from my office, to the playroom where my children are intent on losing lots of lego bits and arguing about who has the better half built space ship. It’s not easy. But then again, finding childcare has never been easy. We’ve done nurseries, childminders, au pairs (briefly) and nannies (even more brief) but so far I’ve yet to find the perfect solution.

But there is a new company which will be launching soon that looks like the answer to the prayers of parents with children under 4. Third Door is a massively exciting concept that provides flexible workspace with on-site childcare. Absolutely brilliant for anyone who needs flexible childcare. You could be in full-time employment but want to work away from the office a couple of days a week but still want to spend time with your child. Or you could work part-time or be self-employed or a freelancer or just a parent who needs some time to organise admin or blog, while having your child taken care of. Simply book a workspace, book your child into the creche for however many hours you need, and voila, the work/childcare problem is sorted. It’s one of those ideas that makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, because it’s just so genious.  Let me know what you think about it and hopefully I’ll have more to share on this in the next few months.

Peekaboo clients have been in the news again. Tots to Travel had a stonkingly good piece in the Sunday Express this weekend, telling property owners how to make their holiday rentals more profitable. Wendy, the lovely lady who runs the company, made sure she could track the interest by writing a report which readers could download. At the same time, she captured their contact details, giving her the means to stay in touch with these potential suppliers in the future. Great integrated marketing – and well done to Sarah, one the Peekaboo team, who secured the piece.

Speekee, Spanish language DVDs for kids, has also been receiving some rave reviews, like this in Bambino Goodies, and these on The Baby Website.

And Creatures, with it’s all natural range of baby and toddler toiletries, has been featured in Red, Pregnancy & Birth, I’m Pregnant and the Middlesborough Gazette in the last month – some examples below.

Must dash – I fear the lego building is not going according to plan. Wish me luck as I head downstairs to find out just how much mess there is…

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