I love it when a plan comes together

Tots to Travel run by Wendy Shand was Peekaboo’s second client through the door. We’ve now been working together since 2006 and I’m just as passionate about her business today as I was on day one. It’s not hard to be really – it is an absolutely fab business that Wendy has done amazing things with.

Our communications objective for this year was to use the company’s excellent customer service as a differentiator from all the online travel companies. This is tricky. Everyone says they give great customer service, but how many genuinely do? And how do you convince other people that this is the case?

Well besides sourcing great customer feedback and consistently pushing convincing messages about customer service (by convincing I mean colourful, real life examples, rather than corporate blah blah speak), we sought out business awards which would help showcase Tots to Travel’s brilliant customer service.

We looked at various award opportunities and decided that our number one goal was to win the Cisco Customer Kings Awards. These awards recognise UK companies that provide the best customer engagement and service, and would be the exact kudos and proof Tots to Travel needed to differentiate itself from all of its competitors.

To do well in any awards you need two key things: a well-written award entry that addresses everything the judges want to know, and the business credentials to back it up. We sent in our submission and waited.

Today we can reveal that Tots to Travel is indeed one of the eight winners in the Cisco Customer Kings Awards. You can read all about it here in the full report written by Real Business magazine. But here’s just a snippet from the article on Tots to Travel to give you a flavour of what was said:

“The Tots to Travel package is so complete, the Customer Kings judges were left scratching their heads as to what more Shand could do to improve it. No doubt that, as a mum, Shand will use her personal intuition to come up with something. And the high-street travel majors will be watching with concern to see what she stuns us with next.”

Could we ask for a better endorsement than that? I like to call that slam dunking your marketing objective!

Huge congratulations to Wendy (and her team) on this fabulous success. Wendy is spending the day in London doing a series of broadcast interviews on her win. And we will be doing a lot more from a PR point of view with this great win.

Woohoo! I love it when a plan comes together.

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