How to help Japan

Like everyone else, the Peekaboo team has been dumbfounded and horrified in equal measure at the terrible tragedy in Japan. We so desperately want to help those poor people – like being able to some how take them from their shattered lives, bring them to our homes, give them a comfy bed, some warm food and a quiet place to gather themselves and grieve before trying to rebuild their lives. But we can’t do that.

And it’s hard to know which charity to support when there are so many doing good things. But we decided that if we can’t bring them to our homes for a while, we’d like to help send a home to them via Shelterbox. If you’re not familiar with Shelterbox, it’s an organisation that sends boxes to people in devastated areas like those in Japan, containing a tent, blankets, cooking stoves and utensils, tools for self sufficiency, water cannisters and purification tablets and even a little activity pack for children who have lost everything. Each of these boxes costs £590 – that’s a lot of money when you think of how many families are without homes in Japan right now.

We’ve given some money but feel as though that’s not enough and would like to do more.

We know that people are being asked to put their hand in their pocket a lot these days – whether it’s to help all the various charities, raise funds for their school PTA, pay for petrol and food and generally try to make ends meet. So what if you got something in exchange for your charitable donation? We’ve decided to donate our time and knowledge in exchange for your money which will go to Shelterbox.

We are offering 10 x thirty minute sessions with one of our team. You pay £50 for the session, every last penny of which will be donated to Shelterbox on your behalf (we’ll send you the payment slip so you can see it for yourself). You can use the 30 minutes to pick our brains. Perhaps you want to know how to work with bloggers, or how to write a press release, or how to launch your new business, or need creative ideas to keep your business in the press.  You decide.  You will be supporting a very worthy cause and getting something back yourself.

We did a call just like this today on behalf of Motivating Mum’s Mummy Mentoring Month and this is the feedback we got after the call: “Thank you so much – that was invaluable! And I really appreciate you cramming so much in, its given me so much to go on with, which is brilliant.”

Alternatively, if you’d simply like to help the Japanese people create a little home that they can call their own for the next little while, please click the box below and donate directly.

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