Highs and lows

So today was one of those days that all working mums dread. The ubiquitous ‘childminder is ill and can’t take your child’ day. Suddenly whatever work you had planned gets shelved in favour of a visit with small boy to Borders for a babyccino and a browse through the kids books, while  surreptitiously checking your blackberry.

It’s days like today that I find I end up with a knot in my shoulders. Half of the knot comes from the pile of work that I know is waiting for me to log onto at 7.30pm when the boys finally go to bed. But the other half is from how much I enjoy just pottering about the shops with my son and being a mum, instead of working. It makes me question whether I’m missing out on something by trying to do both.

But I know in my heart that there are only so many times I can browse Borders and drink babyccinos before I’d start to get ants in my pants and want to do more.

But while in Borders, I bought a bunch of magazines (I always wonder if the check out people wonder if I’m the world’s most obsessed mother with the number of baby magazines I buy). And am pleased to report a clutch of coverage for my clients. It’s getting them in print that makes me want to order chocolate sprinkles on my latte.

So here’s some of it:

A piece in the Daily Mail’s Wish List on Saturday for Creatures, a fab new range of baby and toddler toiletries using South African Rooibos.

A mention of Morrck’s utterly cool Baby Hoodie (I wish I’d known about them when my guys where little) featured in SHE magazine.


The new giraffe print toddler towel from Cuddledry, as featured in Prima Baby and the Doggydry, as featured in Ideal Home, the perfect Xmas gift for your pooch.

If any bloggers are interested in reviewing any of these items, please send me some background on your blog and I’ll pass it onto my clients.

Now, back to my email…

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