Handbags – just one more..

How many bags do you have in your wardrobe?  No, don’t tell me…no doubt a lot!  Enough for every social, work or holidaying occasion.  And chances are you’re probably still adding to the collection.

Handbags and women go together like beef and Yorkshire puddings – one simply cannot be without the other.  Why is this?  Traditionally we are the caregiver, the family organiser.  How many times have we heard ‘mum where’s my red dinosaur’ or ‘have you seen my car keys love’ or ‘Have you got a wet wipe…’  and the myriad of other requests that flood in from our families every day.

So, when we leave the house, we take with us in our handbag everything that enables us to leave the house, safe in the knowledge, that we have our very own Mary Poppins bag with us.

My handbag meets the needs of a family of five all my basics – phone, keys and purse; the kids stuff – toys, wipes, nappies, clothes, food, drinks and for my OH his wallet, his keys and anything else he hands across to ‘just put in my bag.’ I’d rather not think about what’s languishing in the nether regions – completely forgotten about.

Recently I met the lovely Charlotte Jamme from Mia Tui handbags, who herself had struggled to find the perfect bag when out and about and travelling with children.  So she went ahead and designed her own.  She has a great range of bags…check her out at http://www.miatui.com and go on…treat yourself…one more won’t hurt.

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