Feedback we’d like to share

We got called by a PR agency this week in need of some help with a project in which they needed to reach mums. On a tight deadline, we had to help them understand the best way to reach mums and how to do it.

Now I’ve got tell you that doing work for another PR agency is always a little nerve-wracking – you’re never quite sure if your thinking is going to be as good as their thinking.  What if they judge what you do? What if you’re not good enough? It’s like a chef cooking for other chefs or a teacher, teaching in front of a class full of teachers.

So it was with much relief that we got this feedback  from them today, which we’re so pleased with, we wanted to share:

“I’ve read through your document properly and I’d like to say how impressive it is. Really clear in terms of all the key elements, some great knowledge and expertise, and a very honest appreciation of the wider context and the amount of time it’ll take to do properly.

And that’s before the great creative ideas, which are spot on. Many thanks once again, it was a pleasure doing business with you.”

Ta da! What a nice start to the day.

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