Do your kids wash their hands after going to the loo?

Before I had little boys, I used to get really annoyed with men who left the toilet seat up. Now that I have little boys, I get really annoyed with small beasties who don’t lift the seat up before they pee, which invariably means a rather wet and nasty experience the next time I go to use the loo. But part of me prefers that they don’t lift the seat as at least then they’re not touching the toilet and its myriad of germs. Because nine times out of ten, they won’t wash their hands after going to the loo.

I’ve tried explaining why they must. Repeatedly. But when there are baddies to fight off and dragons to slay, really, who wants to waste time washing hands? Certainly not my little boys (and yes, I’ve even tried telling them that the germs on their hands are invisible baddies that must be killed, to no avail).

So when my client Marike, creator of the gorgeous Creatures range, sent me some of her toddler handwash I thought it was going to become an ornamental fixture in our bathroom, and nothing more. How wrong I was!

You see the Creatures handwash has a special pump that turns liquid soap into fluffy, foamy loveliness. Children can’t help but squish the pump to get a snowball of white on their hands. Even I use it instead of the adult handwash. There’s something about the texture of the foam that’s creamy, something you don’t expect from something frothy looking. It smells gorgeous (it has aloe vera and rooibos in it) and best of all, is entirely natural so no SLS, parabens or anything else artificial, which makes it perfect for people who suffer from sensitive skin.

My children still don’t wash their hands EVERY time they visit the loo, but our batting average has increased significantly since the arrival of Creatures. Give it try with your kids.

PS – we’re also trying out the Creatures Toddler body wash and my eldest son, who refused to use the previous soap we had because ‘it makes my skin itch’, now merrily washes himself with no itch in sight.

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