Coverage dances and new clients

There is a phenomenon that takes place in PR companies the world over. It’s called the Coverage Dance. It’s when – after hours and hours of hard work – you manage to secure your client a fantastic piece of coverage that is just perfectly on message, going out to the right audience at the right time. The dance itself varies – there’s footballer type antics, air punching, whooping, dancing on the spot and possibly even grabbing a colleague and doing the polka round the office if it was a particularly fabulous piece.

As the Peekaboo team operates virtually, we have to do our own little coverage dances – quite often involving our children who stare at us in a bemused fashion but join in with the merriment none the less. We might be shifting our coverage dances to Skype soon so we can share the joy….

We’ve had several occasions in the last week when we’ve had to get our dancing shoes on.

For example, following the launch of Third Door recently (a flexible workspace with on-site childcare based in London), Peekaboo managed to get BBC Radio London to do a live interview on the breakfast show on 4 June. And then last week, following a day of filming, Third Door appeared on BBC London TV news – during the lunchtime, afternoon, evening and late news bulletins. Four times in a day with a message perfect 2 minute segment. I will add the piece as soon as I get a copy of it.

What’s more, the company was also featured in trendy Daily Candy’s London edition and has signed up customers directly as a result. Plus it’s been featured in the Daily Express, Families South West MagazineMums RockFamily Friendly Working,  Working MumsSelf-Employed mum and many others well before launch. And luckily, there is a lot more in the pipeline so we’ll no doubt be dancing again soon.

This last weekend, the Peekaboo team also secured a Tots to Travel piece in The Saturday Telegraph’s property supplement. Wendy Shand, founder of the company has written a new book called Empty Weeks, in which she explains to property owners how to make more money from their holiday property. Telegraph readers are very much Tots to Travel customers and the property section is exactly the place people with holiday homes turn to first. It also appeared online. A great result.

Besides doing coverage dances, we’ve also recently brought on two new clients. The first is a company called Born To Be Yummy, which will be launching a range of fantastic new healthy snacks for kids in September (the best part is that I got to taste test them!). If you’d like to help us kick this campaign off, please take this short survey if you happen to have primary school aged children and are plagued with small people constantly saying: “I’m hungry!”

The second is a company specialising in baby showers – The Ultimate Baby Shower Company. We will be helping British mums-to-be realise that this isn’t just a US tradition. The site has gorgeous things to celebrate a baby’s arrival. If only I’d known about this before I had my two! Watch this space for more info soon.

With several other proposals in the pipeline, we’ve got a busy few months ahead. But we’ll always make time for a coverage dance or two.

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