Clean kids at Glastonbury and making a splash

I’ve never been to Glastonbury, either with or without children. To be honest, going without children doesn’t hold a massive amount of appeal. Mud, tents, loud music – not really my thing (good grief I sound old). Going with children seems like hell on earth. But apparently loads of parents do exactly that and love every minute. And I recently discovered how they manage it.

I bet you wouldn’t imagine being able to bathe your tot using lovely products like these at a festival right? Bet you thought all-over baby wipe baths were the order of the day. Not so!

A client of mine – – is one of several companies sponsoring the NCT’s Feed & Change tent at the festival. Creatures makes lovely, natural baby and toddler bath toiletries  (featured above) and they will be providing a whole bunch of them free of charge for parents to use in this tent. Apparently the tent features baths (with hot water), and a range of baby products like nappies and wipes, to baby foods and snacks.

So while I personally still wouldn’t want to go there with kids, at least the basics that parents need are there. Who knew? Not me obviously. You can find out more here.

On a related bathtime theme, lovely Peekaboo client has recently launched the Splasha. This is a fab beach and bathtime wrap which has been getting some rave reviews, like this one on The Madhouse Family and this one on Babyworld. So if you haven’t yet got all your kit for the summer holidays, add this one to your shopping list. I will be.

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