Christmas pressie for your business: the top parenting press contacts

If you have children, you’ve probably already been given a long list of what they want for Christmas. You might even have had a few ideas of things you’d like for yourself (cashmere jumper or sparkly necklace?). But have you thought about what your business might like? While a new office chair or colour printer would be nice, what is going to give your business the biggest return?

Peekaboo has come up with a gift that pays its way. We call it The Power List. It’s a list of the top parenting media contacts that will make it easy for you to get your name out there.

Unlike other press lists that try to cover every man and their dog, this one is purposefully slimmed down to save you time.  And it is particularly useful if you have a product that you’d like to get onto the shopping pages.

So instead of looking at a list of hundreds of names and bewildering titles with no idea who you should be contacting, this list has the go to person at the main publications likely to cover your story. It is completely focused and targeted – so you can spend less time and get better PR results. It cuts out the publications who only very rarely cover parenting products and excludes those likely to ask for advertising the minute you get in touch. They are the contacts we work with most frequently on a daily basis and include:

  •  8 key parenting titles (nationals except for one leading London-based mag)
  • 9 key parenting/shopping websites
  • 3 national morning television shows
  • 10 national women’s magazines or newspapers/supplements

It includes the publication name, contact name, email address, physical address, telephone number (except for 2 contacts), web address and a note about what they cover and a few personal details where relevant.

And as a bonus, we’ve added in a list of 39 mummy bloggers who are happy to review products. While each mummy blogger may have a relatively small following, cumulatively it adds up. What’s more, they tend to be very active on twitter so will tweet and retweet any review they do multiple times. All of this creates back links to your website, boosting its visibility.

It costs £50 plus VAT (a total of £58.75).  If you’re thinking, gosh I can’t afford that, think about what you would have to pay for a single ad in a national parenting magazine. Think how much more powerful a single piece of press coverage is than an ad. Think about how long it would take for you to research these publications, buy copies of them (it would cost your more £50 just to do this!), look up the numbers/names of the editorial teams, call them, ask for the email addresses and then start sending out your news.

All of a sudden £50 isn’t that much is it? So email to order it now!  This list at this price is only available until 18 December 2010.  The perfect pressie for your business.


And if you would love to get the list but don’t have a press release, you’re in luck. For November through to 15 December 2010, we are offering a special press release writing price of £75 (plus VAT) per release – that’s half the normal price! Just email and we’ll get in touch!

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